About us!

We first started idolizing Big Time Rush last 29th of June 2011. It was unexpected to idolize them after all cause we're not into that kind of band/movie. But we got into the hook and started to made a Twitter account for you guys. It's content we're all about the random facts about the boys of Big Time Rush. That Twitter account was made last 14th of July 2011. We just got started but we only have least followers. So we started to think of some other things we would like to dedicate to the boys of Big Time Rush so we decided to make a fansite for Big Time Rush. This site was constructed last 27th of July 2011.

Important dates that you should remember:

June 29, 2011- The day we started to idolize Big Time Rush
July 14, 2011- The day we made a Twitter account for rushers
July 27, 2011- The day we made this fansite
July 16, 1990- Birthday of James Maslow
August 15, 1989- Birthday of Carlos Pena
September 14, 1989- Birthday of Logan Henderson
November 2, 1990- Birthday of Kendall Schmidt